We provide advertising services across various channels. This includes outdoor advertising, advertising for social media platforms, and billboard advertising. We specialize in both 3D and 2D advertising, offering animations, promotional videos, and even animation production. We can create advertising videos for platforms like YouTube and for SMM (social media marketing). Our services extend to creating video content for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and other platforms. We also offer infographics design. Our advertising solutions cover a wide range of purposes, including promoting your business, mobile applications, concerts, products, jewelry, events, as well as advertising for cinemas.

Animated video for digital platforms.
TheBuilderMarket.com, USA.
Promotional video for a summer camp,
based on the movie of the same name, for cinemas.
CHIVAS. Advertising on LED screens.
ZARDOZI. Video for LED screens.
Advertising on LED screens.


CONSTELLA. Advertising on LED screens.

We create promotional videos for various platforms and mediums, including media facades, LED screens, cinemas, billboards, digital billboards, and social media. Our services cover both 2D illustrated and 3D animated promotional videos.

Advertising on LED screens.
Advertising on LED screens.
MARVEL Stadium. Advertising for digital platforms. Australia.
BEE GODDESS. Video for LED screens.
Advertising on LED screens
Almaty Food Fest.
Promotional video for media boards.
Alessandro Safina's concert
promo on mediaboards
3D advertisement for TilePro
2D motion advertising for an application.
3D advertisement for Chain Reactions
New Year's video for MEGA Center Almaty.
Spring promo for Beautymania
2D animated promotional video (in a cartoon style) for Amicasa.
Promotional video for the Business Woman mobile application.
Promotional video for the Thanks God! mobile application.
Promotional video for Zardozi x Suzani for KFW (Kazakhstan Fashion Week).
Promo for Carera y Carera
Animation of an AI-generated image.

3D graphics in Almaty, 3D videos in Almaty, 3D animation in Almaty, 3D motion in Almaty, 3D characters, 3D advertising,
3D motion Almaty.

3D advert
3D, creating of the charachter
3D, charachter design
3D advertisement of products
3D product advertisement
3D for mobile apps and games


3D animation, 3D modelling, concept design

3D modelling of automobile

Animated video in Almaty. Creating 2D animation and explainer videos. Production of explanatory explainer videos. Order animated 2D videos for product and service advertising. Illustrated animation.

2D animation. Explainer
2D animation for children's theater. Latvia.
2D Animation for a medical portal. India.


2D illustrated animation, explainer videos, animated infographics.

Разработка айдентики и логотипа фестиваля в Алматы. Мы разрабатываем всю айдентику для различных масштабных мероприятий и событий города Алматы. В октябре 2022 года мы разработали festival ident and logo для Almaty Food Fest 2022. Мы создаём креативный дизайн для фестивалей. Заказать логотип и айдентику фестиваля, торжества, события, мероприятия можно в Motion Design Almaty. @m.d.almaty. Кроме того, мы сделали дизайн видеороликов для наружной рекламы, которые транслировались на дисплеях ситикс (Citix). Моушн для наружной рекламы в Алматы можно заказать у нас. По телефону +77017407040. Разработка ключевого изображения, логотипа, айдентики для мероприятия в Алматы. Графический и мошун дизайн для фестивалей города. Мы создаем дизайн сцены, пресс-стены и фотозоны фестиваля. Кроме того, сделаем дизайн мерча, в которые входят промо сумки, ручки, блокноты, жилеты. Разработаем дизайн шатров вендоров, табличек. Дизайн карты фестиваля заказать.

Event identity

Development of logos, brand identity, key visuals, websites, and promotional videos for your event: festival, forum, conference, symposium, and more.

We will create visual branding for your event, whether it's a festival, forum, or conference. We can handle advertising for the Almaty festival, promotional videos for the Almaty festival, promotional videos for the forum, and advertising for the forum. We can also design visual materials for the festival, including the key image for the Almaty festival, event branding for Almaty, event design for Almaty, key image for the Astana festival, event logo for Almaty, event logo for Astana, and more.

Key Visual and Identity

Development of Key Visual and Identity of the festival in "Forum" shopping mall

We create high-quality websites for businesses and events. We develop websites of any scale, including online stores. Our services include web design, website development, e-commerce solutions, and creating websites for various occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and corporate events. We also specialize in creating landing pages and business websites to showcase your products and services.

Website for Tele2 Altel's New Year corporate event

Website for a gastronomic festival

Click to view the website design.

Invitation website for a birthday celebration

Click to view the website design.
Click to view the website design.

Web design

We offer web design services for businesses and events, including landing page design and email template design.

Concert promo

Development of promotional videos for an opera concert featuring an Italian tenor at the Almaty Theatre.

Invitation for Almaty. Order an animated invitation for Almaty. Creating a video invitation. Wedding invitation. Wedding invitation video. Electronic wedding ticket. Invitation for WhatsApp. Video invitation.

Video invitations

Animated invitations for any event: wedding, engagement, birthday, anniversary, and more.

We can animate an existing design and create a video animation for your presentation using PowerPoint or Keynote. To order a video presentation design in Almaty, you can contact us at +77017407040. We specialize in corporate video presentations. We can animate any presentation and also create a graphic design for your presentation from scratch in Almaty.


We offer animated video presentations. We will create the design for your presentation and animate the slides for a dynamic and engaging visual experience.

3D mapping

Motion design and animation for 3D mapping

"Creation of video clips for social media platforms. Video animation for social networks. Motion design for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube. Motion design for IG, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube. Promotional videos and content.

Visuals for social media platforms

Animated and static visuals for social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and others.

Logo animation

Creating, animating logos

Video editing

Video editing, adding subtitles, intros, outros, transitions, color correction, motion graphics