About the studio, the team, and our mission - in a word, about us.

During the summer of 2020, cooperation began between the founders of our studio - Dinara Arystanbekova and Daryn Arystanbekov, two talented and experienced graphic and motion designers.

Since then, our studio has won the hearts of many loyal clients, significantly expanded the geography of our client base, and built a rich portfolio. We have successfully completed projects for clients from countries such as Kazakhstan, Canada, USA, Mexico, Australia, Latvia, Turkey and France. Our extensive portfolio includes graphics, motion, 2D and 3D animation, illustration, sound design, branding, identity design, web design, 3D mapping, video editing, and other design fields.

We never stand still and always keep up with the times, exploring new technologies and trends in design. We turn the most complex ideas into reality, raising the bar and bringing the impossible to life.

If you are looking for professional designers who can turn your unique vision into unforgettable projects, then Motion Design Almaty is exactly what you need.


Senior graphic and motion
designer, founder
of the studio


3D designer


Sound designer


Graphic designer,
illustrator, art director,
founder of the studio

Our studio is driven by two primary objectives:
  1. Firstly, we are dedicated to enhancing the field of graphic design in Kazakhstan.
  2. Secondly, we aspire for our nation to be recognized not only for its accomplished athletes, musicians, and filmmakers but also for its flourishing community of creative and skilled designers.


We never disappear and are practically always available.

We never miss deadlines and never let our clients down.

Our art director has 9 years of experience in design.

Some of our designers live in a different time zone, which allows us to work almost around the clock. Additionally, we work without holidays and weekends.

Our art director holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the top-ranking arts university - the University of the Arts London.