We provide advertising services across various channels. This includes outdoor advertising, advertising for social media platforms, and billboard advertising. We specialize in both 3D and 2D advertising, offering animations, promotional videos, and even animation production. We can create advertising videos for platforms like YouTube and for SMM (social media marketing). Our services extend to creating video content for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and other platforms. We also offer infographics design. Our advertising solutions cover a wide range of purposes, including promoting your business, mobile applications, concerts, products, jewelry, events, as well as advertising for cinemas.

Animated video for digital platforms.
TheBuilderMarket.com, USA.
Promotional video for a summer camp,
based on the movie of the same name, for cinemas.
CHIVAS. Advertising on LED screens.
ZARDOZI. Video for LED screens.
Advertising on LED screens.


CONSTELLA. Advertising on LED screens.

We create promotional advertising videos for any medium: media facades, LED screens, cinemas, billboards, and media boards, as well as for social media. We also produce 2D illustrated and 3D animated advertising videos.

Advertising on LED screens.
Advertising on LED screens.
MARVEL Stadium. Advertising for digital platforms. Australia.
BEE GODDESS. Video for LED screens.
Advertising on LED screens
Almaty Food Fest.
Promotional video for media boards.
Alessandro Safina's concert
promo on mediaboards
3D advertisement for TilePro
2D motion advertising for an application.
3D advertisement for Chain Reactions
New Year's video for MEGA Center Almaty.
Spring promo for Beautymania
2D animated promotional video (in a cartoon style) for Amicasa.
Promotional video for the Business Woman mobile application.
Promotional video for the Thanks God! mobile application.
Promotional video for Zardozi x Suzani for KFW (Kazakhstan Fashion Week).
Promo for Carera y Carera
Animation of an AI-generated image.